Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie about the new version of Im Köblitzer Bergland for Railworks 3 / TS2012
Soon for download at Aerosoft webshop.
update is free for route-owners.

Soon a update for the Altenburg-Wildau route will be released by

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Major update

Since the release of TrainSimulator 2012, also known as RW3 I've started a update for my routes.

improvements for Koblitzer Bergland owners:
-track lods improved for better performance (works fine, although bug in RW isn't fixed yet)
-lofts are normalized (older Canvas plaforms) for lights. Some lofts wrong side was lightned.
-shader problems on buildings combinated with distance mountains and gloom effect.
-near trees improvement for better shadow effects.
-lights added
-and what I can find after that....

I will try to release my update via Aerosoft and/or
Expected within a month. (2-4 weeks maximum)

After that I will start to make a improved version of my freeware route Altenburg-Wildau for RW3.

Regards SAD

A picture node made for improvement of the platforms
Some of the faces are lightened at the wrong side.

The beauty of TSx engine in Koblitz HBF