Sunday, January 24, 2010


My first route is released!


  1. Anonymous24/1/10 05:16

    a fabulous route with so many lovefull details.
    the first time that i drive a free roam, but to see all the little wonderful details, i must go along with 30 km/h. *smile*
    die schönste deutsche Strecke für Railworks!!!
    Vielen Dank!!!!


  2. Anonymous24/1/10 10:59

    Looks like the server is a bit overloaded.
    Too much ppl are trying to download this beautiful route?

  3. Anonymous24/1/10 14:07

    iceman2117 said.
    Exellent Route, for me the best German Route.

    Romantic,Modern and Old Style in a nice Arrangement.

    Many Thanks

  4. Thanks to all! I am realy pleased that you all like my contribution to the RailSim world!
    Really stimulates me to boost up the production...


  5. It is a very nice route, it is amazing how good the details are. I like the very small things, such as the ring by the level crossing, the Connexxion ambassador...bus, and so on and so on.
    This will shut down all the ones that critizised railworks. You proved that er eally nice routes to make.
    greetings from Holland
    Ruud from Pijnacker.. in a month moving to Leeuwarden

  6. Anonymous24/1/10 22:06

    Great route! Shows what you can do with Railworks especially if you know how to create your own content.

    One question though: Most of your tracks seem to be without buffer stops. How can you put those at the end of a line?

    Keep up the good wsork and thanks!

  7. I did put them manually as a object.
    My objects don't have collision boxes.
    In my opinion crashing trains are not funny in I did not spend attention to that part. End of track means Game over!
    Thanks for your comments!

  8. Anonymous24/1/10 22:24

    Thanks allot for the great route! 1750 downloads in 21 hours isnt bad! ;) you really show what kind of potential Railworks have with this amazing route! Hopefully we will see some other contet from you in the future! :) - K

  9. What a fantastic piece of work! I've been following progress for the past few months and was more than pleased when I travelled the route last night. Many, many thanks for all your efforts - please don't stop, it is really appreciated.

  10. In één woord geweldig, het beste van wat ik tot nog toe gezien heb.
    Heel hartelijk bedankt SAD.