Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Hope this will be a happy one! Best wishes.

Today I finished my route. Signalling, scenery, mileposts etc.. al done now.

Next period it will be tested and completed with some scenario's. After that I can delete all unneeded files, and at last make some manual documents.
For those who are waiting for the scenery, it will also be avaible as seperate packages for routebuilders, so they don't have to select my template and route. (otherwise your world editor browser will be overloaded with assets.)

keep you updated, Regards SAD
(pictures: The cold cities of Koblitz and Wildau at the first day of january!)


  1. Anonymous6/1/10 12:31

    Thanks SAD!!!! Really great work!!! Thnak youuuuu!!!!!

  2. mooi werk man..!!!
    Ik ben onder de indruk van de zaken die ik reeds heb gezien. Ik hoop dat het testen goed verloopt!
    groeten uit Pijnacker
    Ruud van der Zant

  3. Anonymous14/1/10 14:43

    Prima werk Siegfried.
    theokus (Belgiƫ)