Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nostalgic video


  1. Can you please give us some hints how was this video created? E. g. what was the hardware configuration (I don't see any aliasing, scintillation, moire or other common artefacts in the rendering), what software did you use for capturing the video, what software did you use for adding the "shaky hand-held camera" effect, etc.

    I am asking just out of curiosity since I am primarily a Linux guy and I don't know the latest "Windows tricks" how to create a nice video capture of a game. Thanks!

  2. Hi Martin,
    I used Fraps for capturing the video.
    Because the fictional date of recording in 1986, I reduced the screensize in game. For editing and rendering I used Pinnacle studio 14.
    Also my computer is maby better and healthier than average.

    My game settings were:

    Anti Alising: 8
    Anistropic filtering 16x
    NVidea GTX 275

    Greetz SAD

  3. Just amazing. Very nice!!

  4. Hello SAD,

    thanks a lot for the information. The video looks really great! Thumbs up.

  5. He Siegfried.
    What a nice film. It look like it is a real railway!
    Where is the music from? I should like to hear more of it.
    greeting from Holland

  6. Anonymous19/4/11 23:06

    music is from Tchaikovsky, symphonie nr.1
    Greetz SAD