Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First railvehicle on tracks!

After some work I exported my first railvehicle. It's a free interpretation of a Liebherr 900, with some elements of a ATLAS crane. It is still normal asset, for the next part I have to do some study.
So many (novice) builders stopped finishing their projects, which they started so enthousiastic, because it became to complex. (regrouping, wheels, lods..engine..scripting etc...) My goal is to make a simple version, only used as AI-traffic. When it feels OK, I will try a more complex train.

Greetz SAD

PS For those who ask me, when my route is published or the assets presented here..please be patience.
The objects presented form now, will be included in my new project, which is now getting shape in my head...


  1. Looks great the railvehicle!
    It brings more variety on our tracks!
    Enjoy all your work!

  2. suc6 met studeren :) mijn eerste duurde een week en ik heb de meest gekke dingen gezien :)
    wieltjes die in de rond draaien. treinen die gelanceerd worden :) wel leuk allemaal.


  3. ja wel fun soms..mijn machine kon stijgeren als een paard! Maar nu lukt het. pfff, wel spannend, ik had geen idee hoe moeilijk het zou zijn. Valt dus mee, ik ga nu voor de Spurt denk ik, die is tenminste altijd in de buurt!

  4. lokfuhrer5/10/12 15:49

    Just like all your work, this is a mini masterpiece.
    With TS2013, I'm having transparency problems with the glass windows.
    Is there any chance you could check to see if it works ok with TS2013? And if not, maybe update it?
    Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

  5. Anonymous23/4/14 13:04

    Where I can download the Liebher 900 railvehicle ?