Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today I present a few pictures of my Foliage pack.
It is included in my route and will contain around 70 assets, most weeds and small plants.
Now I have 62 assets, but some of them haven't got the quality I want.
Now I have reached the country side of my route, I am making some assets for farming.
Corn, apple trees, strawberryfields etc...
The facing foliage shader is a very simple but good solution for making beautifull foliage.
Look at the Derek Siddle blog for more nice examples.
On the images here you also see some examples of the custom procedural foliage and tree lofts in my route.

Regards SAD

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  1. Hi friend,

    Im a student and Im looking for any shaders I could use to use for the leaves of plants,

    Best Regards,

    God bless you.