Thursday, August 30, 2012


Fot those who are still following my blog..thanks! The last months the work contineus. I have some contacts with Aerosoft for next addon, and hopefully I can tell you more as soon as possible.
What I can tell is that the route will have a local atmosphere but ( I am still working on that idea) also a lot for those who like to drive (s-bahn) in a city or high speed.. 500 new assets(sounds, scenery,tracks, effects etc..) are already in the route. A large amount of new foliage assets will enlarge the effects made possible by the TSX engine.
Keep you updated from now.

screenshot picture: The uggly duck looked into the water..he had become a swan, the most beautiful bird of all.


  1. really wonderful screenshot!

  2. Transport Steve3/9/12 15:14

    Thanks for updating your Blog, Siegfried. A lovely screenshot as well.
    Really looking forward to your future route, scenery items and more foliage, yippeeeeee.

    Cheerz. Transport Steve.

  3. You do know, how to push the limits. Looking forward to your next route. Actualy, i'm watching your update from The Netherlands :)

  4. This is an awesome screenshot!