Monday, March 26, 2012

Sneak preview

Hi Folks,

Look at my new video of some new scenery assets out of my new route...
In this small movie a sneakpreview of my new route's scenery. The route will be loaded with new scenery, of course in full detail. Special in this route will be various kinds of animated scenery. In this movie a jet fighter (still asset and 3 animted versions) Total memory space 1 mb, althoug these are killing engines they aren't frame rate killers.
If I have more news about releasing etc...I won't keep you waiting!


  1. unbelievable! great, great and fantastic!

  2. Anonymous27/3/12 23:07

    They would be great in scenario's. Placed near a signal at danger, trying to distract the driver. These objects are solo, so they don't use lofts, specially made for scenario's.


  3. hardstikke mooi, Siegfried
    Kan wel zien dat je in Leeuwarden vlakbij de vliegbasis woont!
    Was er in mijn tijd in Leeuwarden niet altijd happy met die herrie..))
    Fijne paasdagen gewenst
    groetjes uit Zweden

  4. Dank je Ruud, inderdaad, soms is het een takke herrie hier in Leeuwarden. Die machines vervullen mij met gevoelens van verwondering en haat. Goede paasdagen in het hoge noorden, Siegfried.

  5. Anonymous8/4/12 10:54

    Please, can you say a little more about your new route.
    I wait for .....
    Thank you so much.