Sunday, May 29, 2011

Environment done!

I am trying to work as systematicly as possible. Now I have finished the environmental part. A new sky for each season with 10 sorts of textures and adaptive weather patterns. Also replaced the sun and moon, and changed the azimuth angle. Now in winter, the sun stays low, and the shadows are long. With a lot of patience almost any atmosphere can be created in Railworks. Many layers of colors and lighting are giving a second render to the scene. Due of those layers, many times some surprising colors occur in the scnene, it is like a painting-pallet. In this shot a summer morning with some wispy clouds. Greetz SAD


  1. Anonymous30/6/11 20:16

    Are you offering these new sky textures to everyone?

    Rich Chagin
    Santa Cruz, CA

  2. Anonymous1/7/11 17:42

    Yes, it will be in next route (after Koblizter Bergland) and freeware again.