Sunday, June 6, 2010

Route under re-construction.

After a intermezzo I will continue the work. I found somebody who offered me to redo the signalling of my route. Meanwhile I can make some new scenery and a second expansion of my route. After the section from Wildau to Hosvenn, also the main-line from Köblitz will continue.
Here you see the church of Altenburg in restoration, and  a pile driver in Köblitz(animated with sound, movie coming next)

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  1. Anonymous16/6/10 18:58

    Wow, you really must have put a lot of work into this route. I was stunned the first time I drove through the intire route. The single line section combinded with the modern section made this route really just true joy to drive through. To have one modern, and one old line make me see the difference between todays high speed lines, and the old atmospheric that we had before. In Norway where I am from single track lines are pretty common so the single track line reminded me about on part one the Vestfold line here in Norway (wich will be fully modernized within some years now). I really liked this route, and I can't wait for the update!! I just have to ask about one thing: Can you make more scenarios, with just using the default stock? I really don't have any payware stock, just the Voyager wich means I can only run 2 scenarios and one of them is the free roam. If you would have added 3-4 default stock scenarios, this line would be truly perfect. If you don't count that, this line is really the best I've seen in the 8 months I've been having Railworks.

    Keeps up the good work!