Friday, May 7, 2010

Nostalgic movie 1

While waiting for some information and testing the new signals I have some time for playing around...

Other changes made to my route are:
-changing some tunnels and gradients to make it more real.
-some scenery and trackwork changes to change the time in my route. (building under construction will develop)
-after better signalling I will make new scenario's
-90 new assets.

I don't have a releasing date in mind at the moment...

Regards SAD


  1. Anonymous8/5/10 02:32

    awesome, great, wonderful, fantastic, famous, wunderschön, großartig, gigantisch, ...

    wow, a really nice video!!!
    and the camera man makes a great work.
    i love the shaking when he hold the camera out of the train!
    and the flicks in the film - so he looks like an old film.
    and the german flags which moves in the wind - nice!
    and your work is marvellous!
    i hope the update comes soon :o)

    Thanks for your great route!

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. Anonymous10/5/10 00:46

    and another cool video!
    RailWorks goes ShipWorks :o)
    you are making so a fantastic route - this is just unbelievable!
    and you spend so much time in it.
    why you don't have a donation button or an amazon wish list?
    this work must be honored and i think many people are delighted with your stuff.

    I will be so happy, when i can see the full update on my desktop.

    thanks thanks thanks for your amazing work and so many hours spent in it!


  3. Anonymous19/5/10 15:14

    Dear Siegfried,

    I'm having problems with your beautiful route after the railworks2010 update. Is there anything I can do, or does this need to fixed by an update?

    Thank you for your fantastic work!

    Best regards,


  4. Anonymous28/6/10 20:16

    The best route I never seen for Railwork !
    Have you enough time leave to live or are you just working for Railworks ?
    Congratulations. Wonderfull.