Tuesday, February 9, 2010


While sruggling with a internet 'broke down' I could work at my first update of my route.

Next update will have this changes/ add-on:

-fixed missing texture and missing object(s)
-new scenario's with new objects.
-new section from Wildau

I am thinking about the way to publish it. Only a package with updated/added files, or a total new package..

suggestions welcome..

I am also thinking about cancelling the seperate packages of my objects. Some users are using my GermanLocal package, and the amount of downloads of my foliage pack(and also not seeing anything of that in UK-screenshots)are the reasons to save my time. Please let me now, if some are interested in those packages to include in their route.

Regards SAD


  1. I have seen your route and i am amazed at the work you have put in - i will defo be using some of your assets - i hope you dont mind - kindest regards Jay

  2. Anonymous10/2/10 09:45

    Hi SAD,

    for the download server, it's easier to make only an updatet file. It will be not so big and it will need fewer traffic.
    But anyway, i prefer a new package. :o)

    Greetings and Respect for your work!!!

  3. Hi SAD! Downloaded your German route and I am amazed at the quality. Only problem I encounted was that I did not have four assets, (FACNS 133 and HBBILLS 2 & 3), I was not able to find them for download anywhwere. I finally deleted all mention of them in the files and the route runs just fine.
    seabordairline (Arthur)

  4. Anonymous11/2/10 18:49

    Hi SAD

    ImHo, if you can, only a package with updates is the best but it is also possible to give the choice: a brand new updated route for new user and an updated package...:)
    Keep the good work
    Bernard (trainss)

  5. Anonymous14/2/10 22:20

    Hi SAD!

    Superb Route! I love the amosphere!

    A complete new package is the best solution. Downloading times are no longer an option.

    Please make packages of your lovely objects. They are outstanding!! I definitly will use your assets