Monday, February 15, 2010

Update and Add-onn

While working on next packages(churchpack and update/addon for my route) I present these pictures.
In the addon new scenario's will be added with new scenery. Here's the city of Wildau, where the anual stadfeste are celebrated with loads of german beer!
The Ferris Wheel and flags are animated.
I will keep you updated while the update/addon WIP.

Greetz SAD


  1. Do please continue with your plans to make assets available separately - I'm already using your excellent foliage pack. It takes time before they show up in screenshots! Please don't withdraw assets already made available for downnload, as this creates problems when routes using them are uploaded.

  2. Anonymous17/2/10 17:28

    You're right! Thanks for your comment, now I know that my assets are used in new routes, so I will continue again.
    I won't redraw assets for download, but you're also free to include the foliagepack in your build, it is unprotected. So users don't have to download all the assets seperate form the very sloooowly Uk-trainsim.

    Greetz SAD

  3. Looking very nice.
    You do good work.

    You mention about the "slooooow" UKTrainSim site for downloading your pack, so I'd thought I'd mention another Railworks related site that would probably be quite happy to host your pack(s) for you as well. And no long waiting queues or slow downloading.

    Ed Hawkins (owner of that site) is a really nice guy and quite supportive of the Railworks and Train-Simming community.

    Best regards!