Thursday, November 21, 2013


The main station is almost ready.. my project is coming to a end. A lot of things to do, but the largest assets of them all is ready, a detailed main station with 17 tracks and a lot of more polygons!


  1. Looks amazing! But after your "Köblitzer Mountain Route" I expected nothing different! Go on like that!

  2. Anonymous6/12/13 07:09

    That looks damn pretty, never knew such a big thing is in production - I came here through a link @dw-agency site. Looks like a Q1 2014 Release!?
    Greetz Philippe

  3. It looks fantastic. You make it hard to wait...

  4. Looks great i love it.

    Greetings Roman /Traindriver 316

  5. Wow !! This is amazing. I've never seen such a huge station in TS !! GREAT WORK ! I can't wait any longer for your new route. Please post some new screenshots, short movies or new information about your new route. That would be very nice ! I'm really looking forward to it.