Sunday, January 20, 2013

My route has arrived in the city of Brennitz. Here the line meets a S-bahn line, a ICE line and a Fern-verkehr line. Many new scenery items will make it a living city. The S-bahn is also a seperate line in this route. It will bring you from the Main station to aan airport and a suburban city.700-900 new assets are ready now. I had some contact with Aerosoft about this addon. Although I work hard on this route...I don't have a lot of detailed information. Sorry..but hopefully it's worth waiting.

Greetz SAD


  1. Fijn weer eens wat van je te horen!
    Klinkt weer erg veel belovend!
    Succes met het verder bouwen.
    mvh uit Zweden

  2. Dank! Ik bouw nog steeds verder en verder..een hele kluif, maar ook 50 kilometer spoor met veel variatie in landschap en scenery. Ben nu al een tijdje bezig in de stad, met een eigen s-bahn lijn, vliegveld..enz.

  3. This screenshot is incredible! Love it!

  4. Greetz SAD, I remember sometime ago you allowed a freeware download of the Koblitzer assets for route builders and users, are they still available? It appears the Magdeburg route requires them and RWTools is telling me they are missing.

    1. The freeware route assets are on (Altenburg-Wildau) The assets and trains added in Koblitzer Bergland are payware. So if you did not boy im Koblitzer Bergland, some of the assets will be missing on a route which uses the payware addon assets also. (placed in folder SAD/germanlocal/addon1)

      Greetz SAD