Monday, November 7, 2011

Altenburg-Wildau 2.0 released.
Please read the Information in this pdf file.
Download at Rail-sim

Have fun! SAD


  1. I have had no problems running A-W v1, however when I downloaded v2 strange things happened.

    In RW Tools A-W disappears completely but is actually listed as a second Barstow to St Bernadino but with the A-W route number, all the scenarios listed are B-SB also. Therefore I cannot use RW Tools to edit scenarios or check route.

    In RW A-W V1 and V2 shows up as a single route with both sets of scenarios. If I choose a V1 scenario V1 starts or if I choose a V2 scenario V2 plays. But in 'Localisation' the entry for A-W shows ???.

    If I delete A-W V2 everything returns to normal.

    Any ideas

  2. I don't use RW tools, so did can not see what went wrong. This is one of the many inconveniences of RW. The name of the route should be stored in one file only, but it seems that it doesn't. But none of these errors are seen in game, only in RW tools and the Localisation.. The only reason I can think about is that I have edited the route xml file..


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  4. The problem is that RouteProperties.xml not are an xml file but an SERZ-package.

    RW_Tools are used fx to checking for missing rolling stock at scenarios, but that is not possible while RW_Tools did not recognize the route...

    Kind regards,
    Railworks Denmark

  5. just download the route its puka thanks luv it keep up the good work.daved(uk)

  6. Jean-Luc DEMANGE21/1/12 12:16

    Very beautiful route.

    -> I have an problem with "Delivery Gravel to Wildau": respecting the signals, my train hit another train at Destination1 Rudolf Bach.

    -> I have another problem with RB1 Altenburg-Wildau scenario: as-Tank VTG is missing: where to find this rolling stock ?

  7. I don't see my screenshots with this route: nothing in the directory "Admin\Mes Images"

  8. In archive,
    the file Content \ Routes \ 7ecaf8d4-8aa0-4a42-8c15-cd1af0f69bb7 \ RouteProperties.xml is not a xml file: I used serz.exe after renamed it and maked a valid RouteProperties.xml

  9. Anonymous7/2/16 10:43

    I translated your readme into german. Give me your mail adress i could send the german Version to you

    1. New Version Download from:

  10. @All New Version Download from: