Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to work..

Last weeks I spend in making scenario's for my last route, im Koblitzer Bergland.
I discovered, that is a hell of a job to make a working scenario. In the first place I don't like to cheat with AI traffic. A train form Koblizt to Wildau must actually drive that path, and not just start when the playertrain is in the neighbourhood. But it is almost impossible to achieve that without pulling your hairs out.
Trains blocking the path, priority problems...not my thing to spend time on. So back to work, making scenery for my new route..

You can download my scenario's and the Liebherr900 vehicle at

Greetz SAD
Picture: Animted Scenery object of the Liebherr crane, lifting some track along the abandoned railways of Hosvenn.


  1. Really great and fantastic work! You always impressed me! And i love your station announcements. The german language with the dutch accent sounds so sweet!

  2. Anonymous16/8/11 00:39

    I tried to make it sound like a German...And I tuned the voice to make it more like someone else, it's horrible to work with your own voice.

    Thanks, but in the next period..scenario's are all yours! Maby it's a idea that I can supply some scenario assets somethimes.Just send me some ideas when you are going to make a scenario. Cheers! SAD

  3. Hi,
    Lovely work SAD. Great detail in the buildings.
    Terrific detail !
    The foliage (flowers...) and scenery wonderful.
    Im Koblitzer Bergland, a masterpiece...
    You are really showing us all what can be achieved with Railworks and your explanations are as precise as ever.
    Very impressive, congratulations dear Artist !
    You have captured the atmosphere perfectly.

    Cheers Frédo93 (From France).

  4. Anonymous16/8/11 20:47

    Vive la France! ;)

  5. But really well done! The voice is so cool! And all loco drivers have a smile on their face when they start working. :o)
    Finally, you give us all a new excellent add-on for your route which is full of fantastic new stuff.
    Really love your routes and have always fun while creating new scenarios! Five further scenarios are ready for publishing in the next days. Then i will make a longer summer break. And if i will get a good idea for some more great assets, i will write you. There are so much ideas! ;o)

    Good luck for your new projects!

  6. Anonymous28/8/11 13:27

    hey siegfried

    het word maar eens tijd dat je aan iets nederlads gaat starten ;) ik heb het eerste deel van de seinen gereleased als freeware moet je maar even kijken ik meende dat je tijd terug wat intresse had in de seinen. groetjes remon