Monday, April 4, 2011

Addon Kobler Bergland

Aerosoft has announced my new Addon for Railworks,
This are my first steps in payware stuff, but I will also continue to make free-ware! In the next days I will publish some screens of my route, and also some video's and screenshots of my next free-ware addon. This will be a addon which can be used to make nice scenario's . Also in next period I will start to make a real train for RW, now I succesfully imported a fully featured railvehicle! Keep you updated.


Product information

Screenshot: My first rail vehicle in action, a screenshot with some new objects in a assembled scene, the city of Rinckenstadt, out of my nostalgic movies on youtube.


  1. goed werk siegfried. hij kan rijden. vanaf mijn kant komt de bombardier talent br643, release mogelijk deze maand all. een prachtig model voor de routes die je maakt.

  2. Do you know when Aerosoft will make it available, and if there will be a cheaper download version? They have removed the release date from their online shop and there is nearly no information about it at all now!

  3. Anonymous3/5/11 01:00

    I don't know Dave, I only know the route is ready. The downloadversion won't be much cheaper. SAD