Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Still under development..

For those who follow my works and blog..I am still active, but behind the scenes for some reasons.
I am working on a route with a new and large foliagepack loaded with new 3D-trees, trees for block assets, grass etc.. This route will be new and almost all assets used in it. Of course with the detail I am used to work in. When I see other routes, I admire the way the builders can make a route without being so detailed, so they can get a longer route for higher speed. I just can't do that, i want to paint an detailed environment. So my route is shorter, and for lower speed. Much te see in a local German atmosphere.

Keep you updated the next period..

Greetz SAD


  1. Thanks SAD! We need also routes which are full for details, where you want to stop the train and enjoy the landscape and the environment. It makes fun to drive an ICE at a big route, but i love your little scenic routes to create scenarios. Thanks for all your stuff! At the moment i rework my scenarios for Koeblitzer Bergland and every test run (even when it's the 10th time i must drive the same scenario) is a great and fantastic experience. So my gallery will have many new pictures of your wonderful route next days/weeks. Keep up your excellent work!

  2. hoi Siegfried,
    Wat goed te lezen dat je gelukkig weer aan het werk bent om een route voor Railworks te maken. Het is altijd een buitengewoon plezier, jouw werk te zien, gemaakt met de liefde voor het detail. Ben zeer benieuwd naar het resultaat. groeten uit Zweden