Sunday, December 11, 2011

Köblizter Bergland for TrainSimulator 2012 released.

Aerosoft has released the upgrade of the Köblitzer Bergland route for TS 2012.
Owners can download the new version free. Boxed version buyers have to wait a little longer for a upgrade, they are making something for that.

Go to

A review about the route can be read here.

Have fun...or back to work!



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  2. Back to work! :o)
    At the beginning of the next year i will started to check all my scenarios for your fantastic route, rework them if needed and publish them again.
    Thanks for all your stunning work and time you have taken for making such a wonderful masterpiece!

  3. in commuter traffic 1 of koblitzer route , a following train that skips red signals comes and hits my train due to which my train derails and scenario fails ??? is this glitch ??